Friday, September 9, 2011

मयूर चन्द्रिका ,Peacock feather

Apart from being beneficial for Hichki. Researched of modern times have proved it to be effective against a very fatal condition. What is that? I'll post a link of research paper in reply soon & if nobody reaches to that answer..

  •  sir, mayur pichha bhasma very good effective in hicough and vomiting, but sir what is its use in fatal condition.
  • मयूर चन्द्रिका में जो सुनहरा रंग दिखाई पड़ता है,उसमे अति न्यून अंश में स्वर्ण का भाग रहता है तथा मयूर चन्द्रिका में ताम्र का भाग विशेष होता है,इसी कारण इसका चमत्कारिक प्रभाव होता है
  •  I use Mayurpichha bhasma in Chhardi.
    I know the usage of it as said by , but one more thing though out of context wanna like to share abt this strange features is that it gave a STRANGE-DISEASE to world renouned scientist CHARLES DARWIN with a complex psychosomatic condition that debiliated him till the end of his life, says COLP. The orderly pattern of a peacock's feathers, colors all that disturbed him deeply perhaps he was on wrong track of EVOLUTION theories. Darwin's theorizing about evolution injured his health because he saw too many conflicts in his theories...This all happened because of PEACOCK FEATURES...Thanx SIR..You uploaded such a woderful creation of god that even YOGI KRISHNA also loved this undiscoverable art of creator
  • I use this ausadh in my clinical practice 4 d managment of Hiccough of unknown etiology
  • Hope you remember that in MoolChand, allopathic people use to come for this, seeking remedy for post operative nausea & hiccoughs.... This was most sought after medicine if all are failed in Post-operative nausea.. Worked well in most of the cases
  • Here is a link to abstract of research on PEACOCK FEATHER in better management of snake bites:
  • The reference is a research article and result is about the use of this feather in snake bite. Ayurveda have so many medicine having animal sources as ingredients. All these medicines are governed by the forest and wild life laws. Our saints always recomond the natural collection of these items. Everyone is aware about the fact that losing the feathers is natural process.
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  • yes i remember in moolchand also and in my day to day practice when we use mayurpichh bhasam it works wonder.
  • Hinduon main jo 16 sanskaar bataye gaye hain unme se Garbhadhaan ke baad punsavan ka varnan hai.... Basically it was for foetal well being & there were additions made by Ayurvedacharyas....
    "Garbhadhaan Punsavanam Seemanto jaatkarm cha, Naamkiiyaa Nishkramane annaashanam wapanakriyaa Karnavedho Brataadesho Vedaarambhakriyaavidhih Keshaantam snaanmuddaho Vivaahagniparigrahah Tretaagnishangrahacheti Sanskaaraa Shodasha smritaah"
    1. Grabhaadhan: Conception.
    2. Punsavana: Foetus protection.
    3. Simanta: Satisfying wishes of the pregnant Mother.
    4. Jaat-Karmaa: Child Birth.
    5. Naamkarma: Naming Child.
    6. Nishkramana: Taking the child outdoors.
    7. Annaprashana: Giving the child solid food.
    8. Mundan or Choula: Hair cutting.
    9. Karnavedh: Ear piercing .
    10. Yagyopaveet: Sacred thread wearing.
    11. Vedarambh: Study of Vedas and Scriptures
    12. Samaavartana: Completing education .
    13. Vivaah: Marriage.
    14. Sarvasanskaar: Preparing for Renouncing.
    15. Sanyas (Awasthadhyan): Renouncing.
    16. Antyeshti: Last rite or funeral ends at Kapaal kriya
All informations are the views of various vaidyas posted comments on face book group 'ayurveda today and forever'
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